Translation of articles or blogs which support my views.

Protection Of Women, Family And Market | Myths And Reality

Originally written in Urdu by Zahid Mughal. Imagine a woman whose husband, father, brother, son, or any other close relative has taken full responsibility of supporting her financially. He considers it his responsibility to accompany her while going anywhere for the sake of her protection. He brings everything she needs to her door step, he spends…   Continue reading →

A Meaningless Objection on Eid-ul-Adha

Originally written in Urdu by Zahid Mughal. Every year, hundreds of thousands of animals who cannot speak for themselves get their throats slit in the name of religion. The money spent on fulfilling the duties of the faith can be better used to feed the poor and serve the struggling humanity. The above sentence is a reflection of modernist anti-religious mindset which opposes all forms of religious expression. Such sentences are not an intellectual sign of the modernist mindset, rather they represent its mental shortcomings…   Continue reading →


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