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My views on serious issues in our society.

Shahzeb Khan case and the role of Capital Punishment

Recently the conclusion of the Shahzeb Khan case has angered a lot of people in Pakistan. People feel that Shahzeb Khan’s family was coerced to pardon Shahrukh Jatoi and Siraj Talpur, who were earlier sentenced to death by the Anti-Terrorism court. While this case has received a lot of media and public attention, the outcome…   Continue reading →

An Open Letter to the Supporters of the Egyptian Army

Dear liberals and supporters of Egyptian army, Congratulations on successfully overthrowing Egypt’s first democratically elected president and his government for being too “Islamic”. By aiding the army you have proved that Egyptians will no longer stand dictatorship, oppression or the Muslim Brotherhood. It is now evident that the Egyptian people are awake and aware of…   Continue reading →

14th August | Have we forgotten its purpose?

14th August, 1947 marked the end of British rule on the Indian sub-continent and the creation of two sovereign states, India and Pakistan. This was the fruit of the long struggle of Indian Muslims to get recognition and equal rights under the british rule. The creation of Pakistan, however, was only the first step in…   Continue reading →


Syrian Civil War: Where do we stand?

On July 19, the chief administrator of the shrine of Hazrat Zainab (RA) in Syria was killed during shelling and some part of the shrine was damaged. This was a significant blow as the shrine of the granddaughter of Hazrat Mohammad (SAW) and the sister of Hazrat Hussain (RA) is dear to Muslims all around…   Continue reading →

Malala Yousafzai is not the problem, We are

It has been four years since Pakistani army retook the control of the valley of Swat and ousted the TTP militants. It has been four years since an 11-year old kid, Malala Yousafzai, rose to fame when her diary of life under TTP rule in Swat was published by BBC. It has been four years,…   Continue reading →


Maya Khan Probe-Both Sides of the Picture.

Disclaimer: Those with pervert minds don’t read this. The phrase “do it” refers to “dating and having a relationship” in this article and NOTHING ELSE. Recently Maya Khan, a morning show host on Samaa TV, has sparked anger and hatred among teenagers by going in to public parks and exposing couples dating. Almost everyone agrees…   Continue reading →


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