Debate Review: My public debate defending Islam from Feminist criticism

Abdullah al Andalusi

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ISLAMIC TREATMENT OF WOMEN vs FEMINISM – A review of the public Debate at the University of Dublin.

On tuesday (18th Feb 2014) I attended a sensitive debate at University College Dublin (UCD) on ‘This House Believes Islam Treats Women Right’.

This debate was co-hosted by the UCD Islamic Society and Law Society. The subject would cover Women’s Rights in Islam. My opponent, who would be arguing the case that ‘Islam doesn’t treat women right’, was Rebek’ah McKinney-Perry, the gender equality officer at the Student Union of University College Dublin. She identified herself as a strongly committed Feminist – yes, I know.

Long story short, the proposition that Islam does indeed treat women ‘right’ PASSED, with a majority vote! A great victory for the correct representation of Islam – alhamdulillah! [before you ask, yes, it is recorded, and will be uploaded v. soon] Apparently, I was told that two non-Muslim Irish…

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