Answering Secularism I : The respect of Muslim Scholars and the importance of the chain of narrators

Reaching Out To The Left

This article is dedicated to every Muslim man and woman who has struggled in the way of Allah to understand, learn and teach the Sacred knowledge of Islam.

The ink of a scholar is more holy than the blood of a martyr” (Imam Hasan Al Basri)

In recent times there has been widespread alienation of the Muslim masses from the Islamic scholars, paralleled with increasing importance given to secular education at the expense of formal Islamic education. While secular education has its merits, the ignorance of the masses towards Islamic education has led to a general decrease in the basic religious knowledge of a layman. As a result the ‘frame of reference’ of these laymen has shifted so that fundamental parameters of Islam are questioned and criticized by this very block of people, in the name of modernism.

This action of expressing a self-created, incorrect version of Islam is…

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