Tendulkar’s demise-A fan’s diary

One landmark cost him everything.

Disclaimer: The events mentioned in this article are ficitonal, read at your own risk.

11 June-2020:

So, today the whole world heard the news that a strange event would occur on 21st June, all the planets, the moons and the sun would be aligned in a straight line. Among many effects of the alignment, astrologists said it would enhance the powers of batsmen who had been in the game for at least 30 years and had made more than 33, 000 runs. Cricket fans knew which batsman was eligible for this.

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar has had a remarkable form for the last 9 years. He is the most reliable batsman in the indian squad, always stopping collapses, making runs and changing pace when needed. But he hasn’t scored a single century, the 100th century, since 2011. Whenever he reached the 70s or 80s he magically lost his wicket. When he was asked about the alignment, which happened to be occurring during a test match between india and Pakistan, he said:

“I have achieved a lot playing for india, I have accomplished everything I wanted, the only thing left to achieve is the 100th century, and if I can’t get that during the alignment, I am afraid I will have to retire.”

18 June-2020:

Sachin’s fans have created hype, even those who had lost hope a long time ago said they will come to watch him bat in Lahore. Rumours were spread that BCCI had signed an agreement with PCB to let Sachin reach the landmark easily. But today, in a joint conference by ICC, PCB and BCCI, these rumours were denied, in a joint statement, it was said that Sachin is a great player, and we will not help him achieve the landmark in an illegal way, he will have to work for it.

21 June-2020:

So, the day had arrived, Gaddafi Stadium was packed, I have never seen such a huge crowd, no one cared about the match, everyone was here for the long-awaited century. India won the toss and chose to bat, their weak openers didn’t stand a chance against Amir and Junaid, india were 5-2 and Tendulkar had arrived at the crease, welcomed by a great roar from the crowd. His batting was un-believable, he was someone else today, I had never seen him bat like that before, the bowlers had tried everything, swing, bounce, seam, spin, but they failed. He played every ball beautifully, his shot-selection was heavenly, it was not batting, it was poetry. All the shots in the history of batting were combined in this one innings, cover drive, cut, upper-cut, straight-drive, reverse sweep, paddle sweep and many more. It looked like nothing could stop him now.

He had reached 99, Junaid Khan had the bowl, he bowled a low full-toss, it was the worst delivery of the day, Tendulkar swung at it, he missed, Junaid hit, he was OUT! The whole crowd was shocked, Tendulkar fell to his knees and after some moments he collapsed, the physio came with some first aid and Tendulkar was carried off the ground. Later that day, the diagnosis report was released which said that Tendulkar had lost his mental balance. The match was postponed to mourn the loss of a legend, even Pakistani fans were sad. I guess it was never meant to be.

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